Berdagang Secara Bertanggungjawab. CFD ialah instrumen yang kompleks dan mempunyai risiko tinggi kehilangan wang dengan cepat disebabkan oleh leverage. Anda harus mempertimbangkan sama ada anda memahami cara CFD berfungsi dan sama ada anda mampu untuk mengambil risiko tinggi kehilangan wang anda.

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Traders Fair & Awards Hanoi, Vietnam 18 June 2022 Diamond Sponsor

STARTRADER as the diamond sponsor participated in Hanoi Traders Fair & Awards, which was held at Intercontinental Landmark72, Hanoi is organized by one of the largest events companies FINEXPO. FINEXPO has an extensive network with more than 30,000 financial specialists and financial consultants, along with more than 3,000 of the top global financial companies andContinue Reading

Bitcoin Sank To The Lowest in About 18 Months

The story started when the TerraUSD collapse started on May 7, falling from $1 to $0.007 today. However, the big question is where cryptocurrencies are going? To answer this vague question, it is necessary to read the crypto leader, the Bitcoin. Next are the major fundamental and technical reading with detailed readings and expectations. TheContinue Reading

ECB Disappoints The Markets

ECB Inflation outlook While the soaring inflation is depleting consumers’ purchase power, the European Central Bank (ECB) council decided not to touch interest rates in this meeting. While the council seemed confident that the inflation will return to the targeted range of 2% in the medium term, the European figures didn’t look optimistic. In theContinue Reading

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